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Frequently asked questions:


What is a Chargebox?

A Chargebox is a docking station with the five most common cell phone plugs. Smartphones can be charged for free while travelling or when you are simply not at home.


Where do I find the closest Chargebox?

Please consult our locations-page.


Which phones can I charge with a Chargebox?

Our Chargebox provides plugs for all iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and others using the micro-USB standard.

- iPhone4

- iPhone5 and 6 

- 2x Micro-USB - newer smartphones

- Mini-USB - older smartphones and MP3-Players


Is Chargebox a free service?

Yes, there is no fee and never will be.







How does a Chargebox work?

A chargebox provides chargers for all common smartphones. Thus one can use it without bringing the charger cable.

Who takes responsibility if my phone gets damaged or stolen?

Please be aware that charging is at your own risk and we cannot assume any liability for your device.

Who is in charge at Chargebox?

Chargebox is run by the Berlin based company Laer&Laer advertising UG(haftungsbeschränkt).


How can I set up a Chargebox in my company?

If you have a company which is visited by many people and you would want to improve your customer service, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to talk about details. Just let us know:  order@chargebox.de.


How can I use Chargebox for advertising?

If you are interested in using Chargebox for a sustainable advertising and require more information, just let us know: advertising@chargebox.de.